Lexington Party Bus want to help you have the an amazing and memorable night with your limo bus, but we want to make it clear that there is some specific rules that need to be adhered to at all times. If violated, it is grounds for absolute termination of the trip without any refund. The chauffeur has the right to remove any individual(s) or everyone at an immediate safe location if any of the rules are broken. We will go through all the rules and policies with you, but the following is the detailed list.

  1. Smoking is prohibited on the bus.
  2. Illegal drugs are prohibited.
  3. Weapons on the bus are prohibited.
  4. Violence is not tolerated.
  5. Respect the driver.
  6. Kentucky state law requires that passengers must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages.
  7. Lexington Party Bus is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.
  8. Stay seated when the bus is driven.
  9. A fee may be charged if any bodily fluids need to be cleaned up.

We will go over the specific details of the policies for making reservations, cancellations, overtime billing, damage/theft, cleaning charges, boldily fluid clean up, smoking, alcohol, contraband, and other details at time of reservation with a full contract that you are required to sign.

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