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The most cost-effective rates

Our pricing is customized depending on what is need for you particular party. Give us a call at 859-518-4019 and we'll definitely be happy to give you a quote for one of our amazing party buses. We do not list any specific rates on the site because there are way too many variables that go into planning and booking an event to try to generalize it. We want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need to your party, nothing more and nothing less. Once we know the date, time, and length of the rental, we can give you a better quote.

Some variables that affect rates

  • Size: 24-28 passenger party buses
  • Day of the week: Sunday-Thursday rates differ from Friday/Saturday rates
  • Time of the day: Daytime vs Nighttime
  • Pick up/drop off locations: The miles it takes to come pick you up and where do you want to go throughout the night.
  • Type of event: Wedding, Bachelor party, etc.
Get a quote
Before calling us

Please know the following information

  • What will you be doing with the party bus (hours and area of travel)? Such as wedding, bachelor party, etc
  • What day of the week is planned for the rental? (rates vary on Friday/Saturday as opposed to the rest of the week)
  • How long will you need the rental?